Thursday, 23 May 2013

for a long time

haii . assalamualaikum .apa khabar semua nya ?? okay ke ?? sihat ??? sorry la ye dah lama x update blog , bukan apa . mls sgtt nak bukak laptop sejak dapat fon baru tuu ..hewhew :) saje je promote an .. riak betol ! haih ..apa apa pun , my life now , mcm berserabut sikit .. kadang-kadang ok kadang tidak ok ..haish .

nik ??? hmm , there's nothing less that i can say about him . i'm tired by loving him every second of my life ..i'm just feeling like i'm loving a dolls .. is it the doll is too cute for him ?? naah .hehe . humm , i don't understand him ..what does he really want to ? hmm . could we just stop talking about him ??

bye ! 

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